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At Rustic Saunas

we're not just building saunas; we're crafting personalized retreats , Following in the footsteps of over 2000 years of tradition and Finnish wellness.

Our dedication to quality and uniqueness sets us apart, offering an array of options and enhancements to realize the sauna of your dreams.

Engineered for our Canadian climate, our saunas boast superior R-values, ensuring maximum heat retention and minimal fuel costs, even on the chilliest nights.


It's not just a sauna; it's an investment in enduring comfort and sustainability.

Embark on your journey to relaxation with a complimentary consultation. We'll explore the ideal size and custom features that align with your vision, crafting a bespoke sanctuary tailored just for you.

Make your choice, and then leave the rest to us.

Relax, and anticipate the transformation of your space into a haven of warmth and tranquility.

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Solitude Sojourn - 6x8 Sauna


Gather & Glow - 8x10  Sauna

The Built-On-Site Traditional Finnish sauna, Perfect for couples and small families!

This  cozy sauna gives you the perfect space to relax and let go on your own terms. Its perfect for up to 5 people who are seated, or 2 to lay down.


-Your Choice Of Heat Source (Wood Or Electric)

Comes With Spruce all around on the interior (Cedar upgrade optional)

-Comes With Pallet Siding (Siding Upgrades optional)

-Plenty of optional upgrades (See Below)

The Built-On-Site Traditional Finnish sauna, Perfect for those who are often hosting guests, Large gatherings, Family and Friends, This sauna allows you to share your healing space as you gather and glow!


-Your Choice Of Heat Source (Wood Or Electric)

Comes With Spruce all around on the interior (Cedar upgrade optional)

-Comes With Pallet Siding (Siding Upgrades optional)

-Plenty of optional upgrades (See Below)

Starting @ $8500Cad

Starting @ $10000Cad

Complete your Rustic Sauna with a ChangeRoom!
Starting at $2000

Want your own custom backyard Or portable trailer sauna?
Contact us!


Book Your free Consultation Today!

Optional Upgrades

Not everyone prefers a Traditional, Spruce, Finnish Sauna, And not everyone is the same. This is why we offer several customization options to suit your specific needs and style.


Electric Heater = *$800

Wood fired = *$1500 (Highly Recommended** )

Rough Sawn, Locally Harvested Interior With Character = *$1000

Complete interior Cedar Upgrade = $*600

Partial interior Cedar Upgrade = *$400

Add Interior RGB LED Strips Where applicable = $75

Seating Arrangement = Free

Interior Wood Finish = Free (Raw, Rough Sanded, Smooth Sanded)

Granite Rocks Finish = Free (Dark Grey Granite or Sandy Golden granite or A mix)



Multicolor pallet Siding included (As pictured above)

Siding Upgrade - Rustic Live Edge Veneers = *$1250 (Pictured>)

Siding Upgrade - Spruce = *$300

Siding Upgrade - Cedar = *$350

Add A ChangeRoom - *$2000

Add an Exterior Live Edge Bench = * $225

Add a 3-4 ft Solid Awning = *$500

Add an outdoor shower = *$500

Add an auto filling Dump Bucket = $450

Add  Exterior RGB LED Strips Where applicable = $75

( *$ = Starting at )


Things To Consider Before Making Your Decision:

-Those considering to stick with the electric heater option should be aware, Electric sauna heaters may require permits and installation by a licensed electrician, And will incur an ongoing electrical cost. Wood stoves are installed directly by us!

Rustic saunas wholeheartedly recommends going with the wood Fired option for many reasons. Those are just a few.

-Those considering to go the traditional Wood Fired route should be aware, Wood permits in Alberta are free to harvest several truckloads of wood. The cost is mostly the time required to cut and split it. This is a very economical way to operate the sauna year round as often as you please.

-How much space do you have? And where will you place the sauna? The sauna will take up more space than just the footprint of the building, as some space should be left between fences.  Allow an extra 18in between any fences or other structures, And it must be as far away from your house as possible. the far corner of a yard is perfect.

(We help you with this on the free consultation)

-How many will realistically be using the sauna regularly? Larger saunas cost more, Require larger stoves, more time and more wood (or power) to heat up. Don't go bigger than absolutely necessary.

Book your free consultation with our sauna experts, and we will help guide you through the process!

Want To Build it yourself?

Purchase Our 
Rustic Sauna Plans

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