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How To Use Your Sauna

The Finnish have been using saunas for over 2000 years! 

They have essentially pioneered sauna culture and have a specific way of doing things. Lets have a look into their world...


A traditional Finnish sauna is usually in the range of 80-100 degrees Celsius. Although, New sauna enthusiasts will not immediately be able to handle such high temperatures, But instead should slowly work their way up over time. 

A good starting point for new users is around 45-65 Celsius, Slowly working your way to 75 and beyond over several sessions.

From my experience, Anything under 65 is completely underwhelming and doesn't really do the job, Despite being the maximum temperature health Canada recommends, But I sauna almost daily..


When loading the stove, Space out the wood so air can flow, And fill the stove about half to 2/3 of the way with split wood.

Use some kindling and paper to get a small fire started under your stacked wood. Once you have a small fire going, Open the ash door about an inch until it starts to breathe.

Once its breathing and you feel the heat start to develop, It should stay running. 


Close the ash door, And get your housecoat!


The idea is to let the sauna heat up, And allow the rocks and the walls to soak up the heat. This will give you a full body, 360 degree radiant heat that provides the healing most sauna enthusiasts are looking for. Generally, 45-60 minutes is good enough. I find the longer the better.


An hour is perfect. This ensure the fire isn't sucking the oxygen out of the space, As its mostly coals by this point.

During your session, When the room starts to cool off, Add some Loyly (water) to the rocks to create some steam and perceivably increase the temperature again. 

Or if you plan on staying in longer, Add one or 2 more split pieces to keep it hot!


Sauna Veterans will tell you...

Its wise to bring 2 towels in with you. One must be to sit on, Or wrap around you, And the other should be to dry the sweat off during your session.

A 3rd towel to keep your feet off the benches and dry off fully after is a good idea too!

Sauna Etiquette


A common tradition

is to take your sauna in 3 sessions, With breaks in between, Which are often accompanied by a dip into ice cold water, Snow, or just a quick hose down to get your body responding to the stimuli.


Its customary to shower

before you sauna,  For both respect to the sauna, And others who are using it.


Never Bring Dark liquids

or anything other than water in a closable bottle.

Juice, Wine, Or liquids other than water can permenately damage the raw wood of the sauna interior, Costing hundreds if not thousands in damages.


One of the most important rules

 is, Never hold the door open!

Saunas are generally equipped with a spring on the door to allow it to close automatically.

Leaving the door open for more than just a few seconds lets the hot. Healing air escape.

Always let the door close, And let each person enter or exit when they are ready!


Stay within your limits!

Sauna overuse can make you sick, Dizzy, Disoriented, And even cause you to fall unconscious.

Limit your stay, And don't be shy to take a break! At least until you learn what you can handle.


Limit alcohol or substance intake!

Saunas lower your blood pressure, And increase your heart rate.

Those choosing to partake in any mind altering substances or liquids before a sauna risk getting sick, Or in rare cases, Developing other complications.

Know your limits and air on the side of caution.


Only 1 person 

Should be responsible for managing the stove and running the sauna.

This way it always remains at a safe temp, and within the limits of the sauna and its guests.

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