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The Rustic Sauna Story

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Rustic Saunas was inspired back in 2014 ish during Motion notion music festival, Which was held at Beaverfoot Lodge just outside of Golden BC.

This festival had a reputation of being rainy every year. And often all your gear would get soaked, leaving you miserable and cold.

Once we found out there was 2 LARGE saunas on the property, it was a Gamechanger!

Throughout the weekend we spent a lot of time in there meeting new friends, Doing massage, Yoga and much more!

We were able to get warm and be comfortable despite the harsh weather.

This got me thinking...

The Finnish have sauna culture, And it makes sense, as its cold there for a good chunk of the year, just as it is here..

So why don't Canadians have a Sauna Culture?

Finally In 2020, I decided it was time to bring some sauna culture to Canada!

Thus Rustic Saunas Was Born!

I Designed, Built and thoroughly tested my own saunas over the past years, And now I bring Rustic Saunas to you!


Rent our portable sauna, Or Get your own private sauna built to your specs!


What We Do

Rustic Saunas helps to transform your backyard into your own personal spa paradise.

Whether you are renting our sauna for a few hours, For a weekend, Or you are having your own sauna constructed on site,

You will experience true Finnish sauna culture, At your own pace, from the comfort of your home.

We can construct our saunas from sustainably and locally harvested, Rough milled spruce for the True Rustic Sauna Experience!

You sit back and relax, And we take care of the rest!

For renting:

We Deliver the portable sauna to you for you to enjoy, And we worry about the rest!

For Owning

We build your customized sauna On-Site, So you can see it taking shape, And In no time flat, Your backyard will be more than just living space, it will be a healing oasis as well!


Want To Build it yourself?

Purchase Our 
Rustic Sauna Plans

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