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Rustic Saunas New Exterior look
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Dry Sauna

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Hand Made

Wood Work


Style & Class

Melting Hand Statue

 D.I.Y Kits




One Of

A Kind!

Built For Harsh
Canadian Winters

Add An Ice Bath To Any Rental 

$50 Flat Rate

What We Do

Portable Sauna Rentals

The owner enjoying the sauna

Our Premier, Sustainably harvested, and completely hand crafted Portable Rustic Sauna Experience, Delivered to your door.

From shower to sauna in seconds!

Saunas Built For you

Wood ready to build a new sauna

We Build These Rustic Saunas to our customers specifications, Offering several options to allow you to customize your sauna to your needs.

The Right Way!

Sauna Interior

There's many ways to skin a cat, There's also many ways to build a sauna.

Rustic Saunas Believes in building High-Quality Yet affordable, Rustic backyard saunas, That will last a lifetime.


Want To Build it yourself?

Purchase Our 
Rustic Sauna Plans

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Traditional Finnish Vs Western

 When you think sauna, You most likely think cedar, right?

Well traditional Finnish saunas are made using spruce, aspen or Birch instead!  And if anyone knows about sauna, Its the Finnish! 

Afterall, They have been doing it for 2000+ years! 

Rustic Saunas can build your sauna to your specifications!  The interior can be done in Cedar, Spruce, Or a mix of the 2! as shown in this photo >

Either way, the sauna will do its job through our long harsh winters, year after year!

For those who want to go the Finnish Sauna route, Cedar oil can be added to the walls, or the Loyly  for the lovely cedar  scent, Without the higher cost!

Sauna Benches

Wood Fired or Electric

We believe in building saunas the traditional way.


The Rustic way.

Our outdoor saunas Are freestanding, And can be crafted from locally and sustainably harvested spruce trees.


Our clients are given the choice between going old-school wood-fired, Or new age electric for their heat source.

Either heat source will come with a lovely set of granite sauna rocks, In either grey or tan/gold, or a mix of the 2, regardless of your choosing Wood-Fired or Electric.

Personally we prefer the old-school Wood-Fired route, But you may prefer electric for ease of operation, and fueling.

Either way, You certainly wont be disappointed!

Our handmade stoves

See How Our Saunas Are built! Check out our youtube channel!

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Heal Your Body, Your Soul & Your Mind.

Your Personal Rustic Spa Awaits...

As you step out of the shower, Don your housecoat, And step into your private sauna paradise.

"Regular sauna bathing may improve cardiovascular function because the heat causes cells lining the surface of blood vessels to dilate, improving blood flow and circulation."

-Dr.Jari Laukkanen

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Rental Session Today!


Sizes & Seating Arrangements

Rustic Saunas offers saunas for every shape and size, With various footprints and seating configurations available.

Our smallest sauna is 6x4 feet

 And can fit 4 people snugly.

2 higher up, and 2 lower down. Or 2 medium or large people comfortably, with room to move and seating options to choose.

   The larger your sauna is, The more seating options you will have and the more friends you can fit!

We can custom build saunas in several sizes to fit any landscape or backyard paradise!

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