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Get your customizable, Paint it yourself, Display and storage crates from Rustic Saunas & Woodwork today!  These crates couple style with function, And are perfect for keeping your fresh sauna towels at easy access, Displaying items, Planters and more, Or storing items in an easy to access and pleasant to look at format!


Choose how you want to finish the crates to get your own custom look!


These crates fit any season, Any style, and will be a great addition to your decor, No matter how you choose to finish them!



Unfinished Crates | Sauna Towel Storage + More!

Excluding GST/HST
  • Shipping on these may not be cheap, so if possible, i would suggest coming for local pickup if you live in the city.


    If you do not live nearby, I would suggest ordering several items so we can use the crate as a box for the other items, And make the shipping more economical.

    You may prefer to look at our DIY crates, which come in pieces and you build them yourself. Shipping will be much cheaper on them.

  • This is a popular product and sometimes we sell out. It may take an extra day or 2 to create some more for you. We will always have your order ready as soon as possible.

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