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Want to have your own backyard sauna, Built by your own hands?

Rustic Saunas Offers sauna blueprints so you can bring your own Rustic Sauna To life!


Preorder now to save 30%! Plans Release this spring!   

[Only 5 preorders available.  Get your preorder in before they sell out!]


Available in several sizes, These Plans come with a full list of necessary materials and a rough material amount estimate (Of which you will have to work out the cost based on your local availibility and prices), As well as detailed blueprints, Resources for accessories, Stoves etc, Tips and tricks that i have learnt, A 15 minute 1 on 1 call for questions and help,and more.

You will get everything you need, Except the tools, And materials, to recreate the Rustic sauna Magic for yourself!

Sauna Blueprint + Plans

C$150.00 Regular Price
C$105.00Sale Price
Excluding GST/HST
Preorders will start being filled this spring 2023
  • No returns or refunds of digital products will be accepted.

    Please read the description fully before purchasing.

  • You will be supplied with a PDF that includes the plans

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